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segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016

Blues: Guitar Women

Uma pequena homenagem às mulheres guitarristas que marcaram presença no Blues. Nada mais sexy que uma mulher, tirando um solo de blues na guitarra!!!

1. Can't Quit the Blues - Lara Price Band/Laura Chavez
2. Takin' It All to Vegas - Debbie Davies
3. The - Alice Stuart Man Is So Good
4. Mediterranean Breakfast - Sue Foley
5. The - Deborah Coleman River Wild
6. Living on the Road - Joanna Connor
7. Navajo Moon - Ana Popovic
8. Judgement Day Blues - Carolyn Wonderland
9. Lonely Lonely Nights - Eve Monsees
10. It's a Blessing - Maria Muldaur/Bonnie Raitt
11. Dreamland Blues - Erja Lyytinen
12. Lynn's Blues - Barbara Lynn
13. Goin' Down - Tracy Conover
14. Baghdad Blues - Beverly "Guitar" Watkins
15. Woke up This Mornin' - Ruthie Foster

Blues - Guitar Women (2005) Vol 02

1. Fool Me Good - Precious Bryant
2. Going Down This Road - Algia Mae Hinton
3. Doggie Treats - Sue Foley
4. Fixin' To Die - Rory Block
5. Dead End Street - Ellen McIlwaine
6. Rather Be The Devil - Alice Stuart
7. Streamline Train - Jessie Mae Hemphill
8. Nothing's Changed - Gaye Adegbalola
9. One Dime Blues - Etta Baker
10. Ain't Nothing In Ramblin' - JoAnn Kelly
11. Down The Big Road Blues - Mattie Delaney
12. Motherless Child Blues - Elvie Thomas
13. Skinny Legs Blues - Geeshie Wiley
14. In My Girlish Days - Memphis Minnie

"When a woman gets the blues, she hangs her head and cries.
When a man gets the blues, he catches a train and rides."
(Traditional blues verse, author unknown)

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