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David Bowie - Music & Art

David Bowie, nome artístico de David Robert Jones, Londres, 8 de janeiro de 1947) é um músico, ator e produtor musical inglês. Por vezes...

sábado, 31 de dezembro de 2016

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Perjury

It was only a question of time. It had to happen. After all, didn't the Orb's Alex Paterson and a host of ecstasy-addled dance music producers take the music of Pink Floyd into the mixologist's lab? Emerson, Lake & Palmer, whose very name is synonymous with rock excess and the curse of prog rock, has now been given the same treatment by producer Mike Bennett on this (shudder) three-CD box set from Burning Airlines. Oh yes, and it was done with the cooperation and participation of Keith Emerson. Discs one and two each begin with remixes of "Fanfare for the Common Man," which was already a reinterpretation of Aaron Copland's canonical classical work. Jungle, ambient, techno, and even hard house are used by Bennett to restring the piece, and Emerson re-recorded bits and bites for texture. The rest of discs one and two are reworkings of ELP "classics" such as "I Believe in Father Christmas," "Brain Salad Surgery," "Take a Pebble," etc., and a deconstruction of Carl Palmer's aggressive drumming style on "Palmstone" at the end of disc two. Disc three consists of various remixes of -- guess what? It's "Fanfare for the Common Man" once again, by such luminaries as Digger, Clive Mead, Simon Guilfoyle, Graham Pilgrim, and Bennett himself. This is not for everybody, but ELP fans, wherever they may be, will be tempted to realize this box of electronic plunder for all of its dubious glory.

Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes (2005)

All songs by A. Iommi/G. Hughes/B. Marlette
Other Credits - Producers

Tony Iommi - Guitars
Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Bass
Kenny Aronoff - Drums
Bob Marlette - Keyboards, Bass
Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by by Bob Marlette
Additional production by Tony Iommi
Additional engineering by Mike Exeter
Programming by Mike Exeter & Sid Riggs
Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering, London
Executive Producer - Ralph Baker
Artwork & Design by Hugh Gilmour
Logo by JMO Design

NODDY´S PUNCTURE with Keith Emerson

Uma grande banda, inspirada pelo ELP...

 "Oi Java,

       Esta é a maior Banda cover de Emerson, Lake & Palmer  [NODDY´S  PUNCTURE] e a importancia deste álbum (no link) é que 3 das 4 músicas (apenas isentando a primeira) contam com a participação do próprio Keith Emerson nessa apresentação.

C A R L O S"

Tom Szakaly : Keyboards 
Ed Blaney : Bass, Guitars, Vocals 
Steve Roberts : Percussion 

Jimmy Page Soundtracks

Para fans de Jimmy Page... Dois de seus inúmeros trabalhos de trilha sonora.

Charles Bronson em busca de vingança novamente, porém ao som da guitarra de Jimmy Page.

Palhinha de Violence & Guitar

Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks - Jimmy Page

Lucifer Rising and Other Sound Tracks is an album by Jimmy Page, released on vinyl record only exclusively through his web page on the Spring Equinox, in 2012. It contained music Page produced, but never used, for the Kenneth Anger film, Lucifer Rising.

Side A
"Lucifer Rising" - Main Track (20:29)

Side B
"Incubus" (1:43)
"Damask" (2:00)
"Unharmonics" (2:04)
"Damask - Ambient" (2:02)

"Lucifer Rising - Percussive Return"

sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2016

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - More Bootlegs

A Bronx Tale - Complete Session

1. Cool Chang - The Streets Of The Bronx
2. Dion And The Belmonts - I Wonder Why
3. The Cleftones - Little Girl Of Mine
4. Della Reese - Don't You Know
5. Jerry Butler - For Your Precious Love
6. Dean Martin - Ain't That A Kick In The Head
7. Cool Change - Father And Son
8. The Rascals - A Beautiful Morning
9. Aaron Nevile - Tell It Like It Is
10. Bobby Watson - Bustalk
11. The Gerry Niewood Quartet - I Only Have Eyes For You
12. Wilson Picket - Ninety Nine And A Half (Won't Do)
13. The Moonglows - Ten Commandments Of Love
14. The Flamingos And The Complexions - I Only Have Eyes For You
15. The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
16. The Four Tops - Baby I Need Your Lovin'
17. Butch Barbella - Regrets
18. The Jimmi Hendrix Experience - All Along The Watchtower
19. The Impressions - I'm So Proud
20. James Brown - It's A Man's Man's Man's World
21. Donald Byrd - Cristo Redentor
22. Bells And String Orchestra - Streets Of The Bronx

John Arch from Fates Warning

John Arch (born John Maurice Archambault, May 15, 1959 in Colorado Springs) is an American progressive metal singer most notable for his work with the band Fates Warning. Arch co-wrote the majority of the band's songs with guitarist Jim Matheos, and was the band's sole lyricist. After their third album, Awaken the Guardian, was released, Arch was asked to quit his job or leave the band. Financial obligations made it impossible for Arch to quit his job, and he argued that he had shown 100% commitment to the band throughout the years. However, the band informed him that they had to let him go and started to look for another singer. In one interview with John Arch, he said that he would have quit his job if he was asked, but the rest of the band never asked him to.

A Twist of Fate is an EP by singer John Arch, released on June 17, 2003 through Metal Blade Records. At the time, the EP was Arch's first musical work in over seventeen years since leaving progressive metal band Fates Warning in 1987, with whom he recorded their first three albums; the last being Awaken the Guardian (1986). Consisting of only two tracks, A Twist of Fate features Fates Warning founder and guitarist Jim Matheos, with whom Arch would later release a collaborative album in 2011, entitled Sympathetic Resonance, under the banner of Arch/Matheos. Also among the line-up are former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy and current Fates Warning bassist Joey Vera.

John Arch – vocals, production
Jim Matheos – guitar, keyboard, engineering, production
Mike Portnoy – drums
Joey Vera – bass, engineering
Andy Happel – cello, violin
Phil Magnotti – engineering, mixing, mastering

Cuby + Blizzards

Cuby + Blizzards – also known as Cuby & the Blizzards are a Dutch blues group, founded in 1964 by vocalist Harry Muskee, and guitarist Eelco Gelling.[1] During the 1960s, the band's mixture of sound, drawing upon a variety of genres which included blues and rock and roll, gave them a pioneering sound which was completely different from any other Dutch band in the same time period, using the name Peter & the Blizzards. The spelling of the name varies, with 'Cuby' also written as 'QB' and the ampersand (&) also written as 'and' or '+' and the 'and' sometimes left out. The spelling 'Cuby + Blizzards' was used on the first albums.

quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2016

Welcome Back, My Friends... To The Show that Never ENDS...

Mais um ELP saindo do baú...

Live, released in 2001

Songs / Tracks Listing
CD 1 
1. A Time And A Place (4:06) 
2. Piano Concerto No. 1 (Third Movement: Toccata Con Fuoco)(4:51) 
3. From The Beginning (4:15) 
4. Karn Evil 9 (First Impression, Pt. 2) (5:25) 
5. Tiger In A Spotlight (3:35) 
6. Hoedown (4:57) 
7. Touch And Go (4:12) 
8. Knife Edge (6:12) 
9. Bitches Crystal (4:30) 

CD 2
10. Honky Tonk Train Blues (3:42) 
11. Take A Pebble (7:09) 
12. Lucky Man (5:07) 
13. Fanfare For The Common Man / Blue Rondo A La Turk (22:10) 

14. 21st Century Schizoid Man {Fripp / McDonald / Lake / Giles / Sinfield} / America (4:53)

Edu Ardanuy

Eduardo Ardanuy é um guitarrista brasileiro. Foi eleito pelos leitores da Revista Cover Guitarra como o melhor guitarrista do país nos últimos 10 anos. Atualmente toca na banda Dr. Sin, solo, e em projetos paralelos (como o Tritone). Um dos grandes marcos de sua carreira foi ter tocado com Steve Vai em um show no Rio de Janeiro, sendo convidado pelo próprio devido a amizade feita com o guitarrista em um show de abertura.  Lançou seu primeiro cd solo, intitulado Electric Nightmare em 2008 e ministra aulas e workshops pelo Brasil.

Faces Of Jazz - Meditation (1979)

Faces Of Jazz - Meditation
LP Gemini Records [GR 1000]  (1979)

Piano [Fender Rhodes, Acoustic], Yamaha Synthesizer, Flute, Wind-chimes, Cabasa, Voice Effects, Triangle, Cowbells, Composer, Arranger, Jacket Design & Layout - Steve Carney
Bass - Marty Ruddy
Yamaha Flugelhorn, Trumpet - Doug Davis
Drums, Congas - Russell Bizzett
Producer - Jim Wilson, Steve Carney
Engineer - Jim Little
Cover Photo - Jim Wilson
Recorded and mixed at Juniper Studios near Bailey, Colorado during May and June, 1979

Jefferson Starship

Jefferson Starship is an American rock band formed in the early 1970s by several members of the former psychedelic rock group Jefferson Airplane. The band has undergone several major changes in personnel and genres through the years while retaining the same Jefferson Starship name. The current Jefferson Starship, led by co-founder Paul Kantner, more closely resembles its original mix of psychedelic and electric folk music than the pop-driven tunes it was widely known for in the early to mid-1980s. It is not to be confused with Starship, a spin-off of the group featuring former co-lead singer Mickey Thomas that also periodically tours. The latter group is most frequently identified with the 1980s pop tunes of Jefferson Starship.

quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2016

The Big Fanfare of Emerson, Lake & Palmer

1. Barbarian
2. Take A Pebble
3. Knife Edge
4. Lucky Man
5. Tarkus
6. Jeremy Bender
7. Sheriff
8. Nutrocker
9. Living Sin
10. Endless Enigma
11. From The Beginning
12. Hoedown
13. Trilogy
14. Jerusalem
15. Still You Turn Me On
16. Karn Evil 9 (1st impression part 2)
17. Fanfare For The Common Man
18. C'est La Vie
19. Pirates
20. Brain Salad Surgery
21. Honky Tonk Train Blues
22. Love Beach
23. Black Moon
24. Affairs Of The Heart

Jack Bruce & Robin Trower

Two legends, one hour of fearsome axe-wielding! 

Essa é uma parceria que sempre teve tudo para dar certo. O escocês Jack Bruce teve importantíssimo papel na criação do blues rock (e depois, do hard rock e do heavy metal) inglês, tendo participado do Blues Incorporated (de Alexis Korner) e do Graham Bond Organisation, bandas nas quais tocou com o baterista Ginger Baker, que viria a ser seu parceiro no Cream algum tempo depois. Tocou também no John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, onde conheceu o guitarrista Eric Clapton, que completaria a formação do Cream. Antes mesmo de montar o chamado “primeiro dos supergrupos”, teve tempo ainda de participar da banda do tecladista Manfred Mann, ou seja, esteve envolvido com o “crème de la crème” da cena musical inglesa dos anos 60. Com o Cream, que teve carreira tão meteórica quanto avassaladora, simplesmente revolucionou o rock, abrindo espaço para os deliciosos excessos dos anos vindouros. Depois disso, lançou uma penca de discos solo brilhantes (dos 3 membros do Cream, era na minha singela opinião o mais criativo e talentoso), e formou outros trios memoráveis como o West, Bruce & Laing (com os membros do Mountain Leslie West e Corky Laing) e o BBM (que incluía Gary Moore e Ginger Baker). Já o inglês Robin Trower não ficou muito atrás. Tendo integrado no final dos anos 60 o Procol Harum, participou dos álbuns que forjaram o rock progressivo, do qual o Harum é certamente um dos pioneiros (junto a The Moody Blues, The Nice e, um pouco depois, o King Crimson). Com eles, gravou os discos mais clássicos, tendo saído da banda em 1972. A partir daí, lançou uma série de discos sob a égide de Robin Trower Band, dentre os quais se destacou “Bridge of Sighs”, de 1974. Seu timbre na guitarra (obviamente, uma Fender Stratocaster) foi sempre comparado ao de Jimi Hendrix, sendo até mesmo chamado em determinados pontos de sua carreira de “o Hendrix branco”. De fato, sua habilidade em tirar timbres recheados de influências combinando blues e psicodelismo tinham, e têm, muito do estilo de Jimi. Os caminhos de Trower e Bruce se juntaram pela primeira vez no começo dos anos 80, quando se reuniram para gravar o disco “B.L.T.”, que apresentava um power trio completado pelo baterista Bill Lordan. Um disco muito bom, apesar da sonoridade (mais tarde, datada) que viria a vingar nos anos 80 já estar dando suas mostras no trabalho. Na sequência, lançaram “Truce” em 1982, trocando o baterista por Reg Isidore, sendo que nesse segundo disco não conseguiram manter o mesmo pique, e a reação da crítica e do público não foi das mais positivas. Afinal, seu estilo incorporou elementos de funk e soul, com mais “groove”, o que fugia ao som original dos envolvidos. 

De qualquer forma, em 2008 os dois se reencontraram, mais de 25 anos depois, para gravar mais um trabalho. Após os graves problemas de saúde que enfrentou em 2003/2004, quando sofreu um transplante de fígado e quase faleceu, Jack Bruce parece que embarcou num ritmo de extrema produtividade e criatividade. Após uma breve reunião do Cream (e boatos sobre outra reunião, do West, Bruce & Laing), Bruce e Trower finalmente entraram no estúdio e registraram o ótimo “Seven Moons”, junto ao baterista Gary Husband, antigo companheiro de Bruce em outras empreitadas. Sem sombra de dúvidas, o melhor disco gravado pela dupla até agora. Legitimamente um trabalho cooperativo, o talento de ambos transborda de forma totalmente balanceada no decorrer do álbum. É nitidamente um trabalho lançado sem pressões de gravadoras, sem a necessidade de “ter que vender”. Todas as faixas são boas, alternando momentos mais rápidos, “uptempo”, com outros mais arrastados, “midtempo”, e ainda algumas baladas introspectivas e reflexivas compostas em tom menor, com letras certamente influenciadas pelo momento atual de Bruce, que as canta de forma praticamente confessional. Este é o caso de, por exemplo, “Just Another Day” e “I’m Home”. É interessante notar que Jack não utilizou, como de praxe, as letras de Pete Brown, seu parceiro de longa data. O mesmo pode ser dito de Robin, que tem em Keith Reid seu principal letrista. No presente caso, tal trabalho ficou também a cargo da dupla Bruce/Trower. Os solos e bases de Trower no disco são de uma precisão absurda, com notas na medida certa e distorção idem. Poucos guitarristas hoje em dia tocam com tanta classe, unindo originalidade e personalidade com as modernas técnicas de gravação, num estilo ao mesmo tempo limpo e com boas doses de efeitos. Em “Close To Me”, o uso do pedal wah-wah chega a emocionar, um toque de mestre. O som do baixo está um pouco mais no fundo do que de costume, em se tratando de um disco com participação de Jack, mas mesmo assim há ótimas passagens. A bateria de Husband, por sua vez, está excelente como sempre, mesmo sem ter grande destaque específico. Não há músicas de destaque, pois o álbum é muito coeso, todo no mesmo (alto) nível. Para escolher duas, posso citar a empolgante “The Last Door” e o bluesão “Bad Case Of Celebrity”, que são daquelas de arrepiar. O que talvez faça falta no disco, como um todo, sejam algumas partes com solos estendidos, tradicionais dos trabalhos pregressos de ambos, mas o que parece é que provavelmente tenham deixado isso para as apresentações ao vivo, que por sinal já estão sendo marcadas agora em 2009 (vamos torcer para que sejam devidamente registradas em vídeo!). Dessa forma, o enfoque foi nas composições, e nisso eles se saíram muito bem. Enfim, não apenas um disco de rock clássico, mas acima de tudo um disco de rock feito com muita classe.

1. Seven Moons
2. Lives Of Clay
3. Distant Places Of The Heart
4. She's Not The One
5. So Far To Yesterday
6. Just Another Day
7. Perfect Place
8. The Last Door
9. Bad Case Of Celebrity
10. Come To Me
11. I'm Home


Fabiano Orchestra - Jazz Fusion from French West Indies,

Coming out of the French West Indies, a jazz fusion group known to the world as Fibiano Orchestra and their magnum opus, Butterfly Island (also known as their “Holy Grail” album). This record carries within its grooves, an exploritory journey into the world. The Orchestra masterfully displayes their instrumental control that is matched with moments of beautiful vocal chants, that are equally as powerful. “Pointe Des Châteaux,” “Fo Ca Change,” and “Creole” are just a few of the gems on this record, pressed into a 180 gram vinyl. The good people at Superfly Records are masters of jazz reissues and the addition of Fabiano Orchestra to their list is a good one. This is a very limited run of only 1,000 and will become instantly collectible since the original copies of this record are extremely difficult to track down. Order your copy here! )

Splendid Superfly reissue of one of the rarest and most amazing Jazz Fusion records to have been produced in the French West Indies, includes the Spiritual/fusion masterpiece 'pointe des chateaux', the spacy classic 'west indian meditation' and the hipnotic gwo ka tune 'creole', a truly unique LP, one of those that you always pull out when you feel like listening to something different, features world class musicians like Clifford Jordan, Hannibal Peterson or West Indian legend Velo - 180grs quality pressing with beautiful hard cardboard gatefold cover, set to become collectible as the original is impossible to find, strictly limited to 1000 copies, )

Long John Baldry - Blues Rock

John William "Long John" Baldry (12 January 1941 – 21 July 2005) was an English blues singer and a voice actor. He sang with many British musicians, with Rod Stewart and Elton John appearing in bands led by Baldry in the 1960s. He enjoyed pop success in the UK where Let the Heartaches Begin reached No. 1 in 1967 and in Australia where his duet with Kathi McDonald You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' reached number two in 1980. Baldry lived in Canada from the late 1970s until his death; there he continued to make records and do voiceover work. One of his best known roles in voice acting was as Dr. Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2016

B.B.King and Eric Clapton "Riding with the King"

Riding with the King is a blues album by Eric Clapton and B.B. King that was released in 2000. It was their first collaborative album and won the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues Album. The album reached number one on Billboard's Top Blues Albums and was certified 2× Multi-Platinum in the United States. Riding with the King was also released on a DVD-Audio in higher resolution and with a 5.1 surround sound mix in 2000.

The album was generally well received by reviewers, although some felt that it could have been better, and that the sound on the CD was too polished for a blues album.

Riding with the King was the first collaborative album by Eric Clapton and B.B. King. They performed together for the first time at Cafe Au Go Go in New York City in 1967 when Clapton was 22 and a member of Cream, but did not record together until 1997 when King collaborated with Clapton on the song "Rock Me Baby" for his duets album, Deuces Wild. Clapton looked up to King and had always wanted to make an album with him. King said they had discussed the project often, and added: "I admire the man. I think he's No. 1 in rock 'n' roll as a guitarist and No. 1 as a great person." At the time of recording Riding with the King, Clapton was 55 and King 74.

Clapton initiated the recording sessions for Riding with the King and included some of his regular session musicians on the album. He also chose the songs and co-produced the album with Simon Climie, who had previously worked on several of Clapton's albums. While this would appear to be a Clapton album recorded with King, Clapton gave center-stage to King, who took the lead on many of the songs with his singing and his solos.

Riding With King

Glenn Hughes & Pat Thrall

After the break-up of Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes had not been prolific in his output. By 1981 he had only produced one solo album; 1977's Play Me Out, an album focused on Hughes’ love for soul and funk. By comparison, guitarist Pat Thrall had worked on several albums with Automatic Man and Pat Travers. Thrall had come to the attention of Hughes while he was trying to write new material in Los Angeles. The two got together and quickly struck up a working partnership. The result was the Hughes/Thrall album. Hughes/Thrall marked a return to hard rock for Hughes. The album itself has a definite AOR sound, but with influences of new wave and post-punk. Thrall made good use of guitar synthesizers and many have cited the album as being quite influential to the direction of rock music in the 80s. It was critically well received upon its release. However, despite the positive reception from critics, the album failed to sell well at the time. It has since, however, become somewhat of a cult album.

After Tea - Blues Rock

After Tea was a Dutch flower power band formed in the Hague in 1967 by Hans van Eijck (keyboards, guitar, vocals), U.K. native Ray Fenwick (guitar, vocals), Rob "Polle" Edward (bass, organ, vocals), and Martin Hage (drums). Their first hit was "Not Just a Flower in Your Hair," and they carried on, despite personnel changes, until the early '70s.

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